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Wholesale Toys and How to Get in the Industry

One of the most successful global industries is the toy industry and it’s easy to see why. Even though toys are not a necessity, they play an important role in children’s development. This is why these products are present in virtually every market in the world.

In 2018, the toy industry had over $90 billion USD in profits with the U.S. being the number one consumer.  

Whille an extremely profitable industry, it is also a very competitive one as well. Our team at Olyda can aid you by providing not only the products you will need, but the strategies you will need to become a successful toy seller.

Why Buy Wholesale?

1. Cheaper Goods

Buying directly from the factory allows for large orders.

While there are people eager to get these toys, there’s a big market that cannot afford them. By producing and buying toys wholesale, you attract these consumers.

When you get your products manufactured, you can offer them at lower prices – everyone is happy!

2. Industry Knowledge

There are certain toys that are always best-sellers.

As a factory with industry experience, we are able to pinpoint these money-makers and can advise you on the best toys for you to stock up on.


3. Higher Revenue

The effect of wholesale buying will show up in your sales.

Buying your toys direct from the factory in bulk gives you a better chance to gain high revenue. In some cases, like when working with Olyda, you can even develop your own wholesale toys and create your own brand! even create your own brand!

At Olyda, we can help you manufacture the toys you need. From puzzles to tool kits, we can bring your latest project to life. Fel free to contact us and ask about our service.



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