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Think about your latest experience purchasing something whether it be online or in in person.
If you left the store (or exited the tab) excited about your purchase, this means that the sellers did a great job with their retail marketing. This week, our blog post will discuss marketing best practices for you to implement with your own business. The most important thing to remember is that a happy consumer is a consumer who will not only return, but spread the word to others about your products.
What is Retail Marketing
Retail marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating an enjoyable purchasing experience for potential customers in order to improve sales. This encompasses a variety of approaches and tools as it doesn’t only entail store decoration or having an attractive website.
There are tons of ways to craft a welcoming environment for consumers and by doing this, you motivate them to visit, buy, recommend, and return to your business. 
The 4 Cs of Retail Marketing
There are many approaches to retail marketing, but this one relies on a consumer-centered perspective rather than a seller-centered one.
· Consumer: the focus is on the client’s needs, rather than on the product. The important thing here is to research what your potential customers are looking for. In the case of the toy industry, it might be helpful to reach out to manufacturers, like Olyda, who have been in the market for many years and know what prominent bestsellers are. 
· Costs: there are still costs associated with marketing your product. However, take into account the clients’ perceived value of what they are buying. Good marketing can boost positive perception of the product, therefore actually making your goods more valuable to the client.
· Convenience: the internet has reshaped the way people purchase goods. If you are offering products online, be sure to provide consumers with the most options. For example, same-day delivery, the option to pick up at a nearby location, multiple payment 


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