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There is often a bit of confusion when making the distinction between toy brands, toy companies, and toy manufacturers. Toy brands refer to companies that produce and commercialize toys, these can be subsidiaries, like Barbie from Mattel.

One company may handle one or more toy brands, but if the company focuses exclusively on toys, then they are considered a toy company. A toy company may choose to manufacture its toys by itself, but oftentimes, they outsource that responsibility to toy manufacturers. For example, Olyda Toys manufactures products for toy companies but we are not a toy brand nor a toy company.

Most of the toy manufacturing around the world occurs in China and the United States but many companies in the U.S. still opt to send production overseas.

Why Work with Toy Manufacturers?

As noted in some of our previous articles, working with factories/manufacturers offers many benefits. For starters, buying directly from a factory allows you to obtain products at a cheaper price since the products will be wholesale. Another major benefit of working with manufacturers is a reduction in operating costs. You won’t have to worry about purchasing expensive equipment to produce toys if you decide to work with a toy manufacturer. By significantly reducing operating costs, you allow yourself to enjoy a larger profit from the sales of your toys.      


Why Work with Olyda Toys?

For one thing, we have over 35 years of industry experience. With this inside knowledge, we are able to use trends to pinpoint industry bestsellers. This, in turn, allows us to advise you on the best toys for your store to stock up on. Additionally, Olyda is more than just a toy manufacturer—we work with our partners to provide meaningful insights and marketing strategy in order to ensure they enjoy a successful business venture. Whether you are a toy brand, or toy company looking for a reliable manufacturer Olyda can be the right fit for you. Contact us to learn more about our services!



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